Washing machine

There is a washing machine and drying facility in the dormitory. It is located in the basement on the left wing of the building (Room Pradelna).

Ask for 'Klic od pracky' on the reception.

You'll have to give your dormitory card in order to receive the key from the laundry room. Don't forget to bring your own washing powder along! On the top of the washing machine you will find instructions in English.

With the smallest key you need to unlock the locker on the wall and turn the red switch to turn on the washing machine. You need to lock it back afterwards. After you finish return the key. The receptionist will have your washing time calculated. Sign the list, pay and take your card back.


Whenever you feel like exercising, you can use the gym. It is located in the basement on the left wing of the building, opposite the laundry room. It is open from 6am until 22:00pm. You'll need to pay 400CZK membership for one semester.

There is a great variety of training equipment both for male and female and a computer with free internet access allowing you to enjoy your favourite music while exercising.

Keep in mind that after 20:00pm you need to be quiet and keep the peaceful atmosphere in the dormitory.


What is more exciting and relaxing than having a barbecue together with friends? Bubenec dormitory provides a grill and a table suitable for up to 10 people. It is great for spring and summer time, however it is available at any time during the year. It is located outside on the backside of the building.

Desk games

If you are looking for other entertainments to fill your time with, it would be a good option to go to room 105 on the first floor and ask Honza to unlock the drawer for you. Choose the best board game for you and your pals and spread the fun! Don't forget to fill your name in the logbook!


There is a nice small room called Rysovna where you can find two drawing tables with ruler equipment. So if you are into architecture or if you need to make a precise work, this is the place!

There is also a ping-pong table and a sofa, good for spending time with some friends. It is located on the ground floor left wing of the building, opposite of Studovna room. Ask for 'Klic od Rysovny' on the reception.


Room Studovna is the perfect place to have a peace-and-quiet time for your studies. It is a computer room with free internet access. There are also white board and a printer. There you can find all the things necessary to prepare for important exams.

Studovna room is located on the ground floor on the left wing of the building. To access the room you will need either a student or an ISIC card registrated in system of klub Buben.