If you want to get connected to the Bubenec network you'll need to become member of club Buben, since internet is benefit provided only for members.

If you want to become member, then go to the „Studyroom“ (Studovna) located on the left side of dorm, office hours are every tuesday at 21:00 - 22:00. You will need to bring the MAC address of your computer, student card and/or ID card. Guys will register you into the system, you will choose your password (you can find every information here), they also give you some instructions about payment. You will get connected up to 20 minutes after registration.

The membership for the whole semester is 800 CZK, which you'll need to pay within two weeks after registration. Our KrIStin (information system) will send you an email with the payment details. Don't forget to put your reference number when making the payment!

You can pay right at our bank:map